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Who are we

TJ Hydraulics has over 30 years of experience in the world of hydraulics. We are very well known in the market of sales of genuine spare parts, complete hydraulic pumps, motors and cylinders from all leading brands running in the mobile, industrial, dredging, off-shore and marine sector.

We are also well known in the supply of custom build power packs, winces, systems and several off-shore or dredging related hydraulic machinery.

Our Specialities

Our specialities are finding you the right genuine spare parts or complete hydraulic components from all leading brands. When you do not know were to go with your repair of your precious hydraulic pump, motor or cylinder we can guarantee you repairs with only genuine parts done by our OEM service partner. TJ Hydraulics also carries a wide range of standard power packs, customizing to your needs is also one of our possibilities. Off-shore, dredging machinery can be designed with us, just tell us your needs and we come with a solution. Check the complete website and see what we can do for you.