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Tokyo Keiki

TJ Hydraulics is pleased to announce that we are an official dealership for Tokyo Keiki (formerly known as Tokimec) one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic equipment.

TOKIMEC now TOKYO KEIKI was one of the first companies in Japan to manufacture hydraulic components, in partnership with Vickers.

Tokyo Keiki have focused on a high level of technical development resulting in hydraulic components with superior performance. Tokyo Keiki have gained a reputation for excellent quality while still achieving competitive pricing, this being acknowledged by customers worldwide.

Tokyo Keiki provide a full range of hydraulic components such as pumps, valves, actuators, related electronic components and sensors. Many products are tailored for specific applications, such as plastic injection moulding machines, die-cast machinery and machine tools.

Tokyo Keiki is the partner of choice should you require reliable, state of the art technology at good price!

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